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      "Lie there, dog!there goes one of the accursed council!" and, springing up the step with a giant grasp, he seized the mitred chancellor by the neck, and dragged him forth into the centre of the church.

      "He quitted years ago, when we were little chaps. Salvation got him."

      "Thought you'd be interested to hear. I remember as how you used to be unaccountable friendly wud them Jurys, considering the difference in your position."

      "And wot about the rootses?" asked Harry, "wull you be digging those out to-morrer? It'll be an unaccountable tough job."The anthem crashed gaily into their sorrow, and grasping the hymn-sheet they sang together.

      "Will you help?" asked the young mason, eagerly.

      "I reckon that must have come hard on f?atherhe always was unaccountable set on Pete. Heard anything of Tilly lately?"



      The baron then bent his head forward and kissed the young man's forehead; and unloosing his hands, Holgrave arose, and bending his head, stood to hear what De Boteler might say.


      The boys beat the handles of their knives on the table and rolled in their chairs with wide-open mouths as if they would burst; Reuben leaned back with a great pride and softening in his eyes, round which many hard lines had traced themselves of late; Caro's lips were parted and she seemed half enchanted, half bewildered by the other woman's careless merriment. Only Harry took no interest and looked dissatisfied"Another wedding," he mumbled as he dribbled his food unnoticed over the cloth"we're always having weddings in this house."